On The Lookout: Holiday package thieves are at it again

An Auburn woman contacted NewsChannel 9 to send a warning to her neighbors: thieves are out stealing packages. 

There were multiple images that Stephanie Lalonde took from her mom's home security cameras that police say show a person climbing on to the porch and stealing a package that had been delivered just hours ago. 

"It's broad daylight and you literally have someone walking up on to your property, knocking on your door, and stealing your personal belongings," Lalonde explained.

The holidays bring this problem every year. Lalonde says the man dressed in clothing to make it look like he worked for an energy company. 

After the theft, the family felt violated and distressed, never thinking that something like that would happen in their quiet Auburn neighborhood. 

"These people do not deserve to get off with free stuff," she said, "Other people are working their butts off, you know, to pay for this stuff around Christmas time, looking forward to these nice gifts for their family, and they're not able to provide them because they're being stolen by people."

After putting the images on Facebook, and filing a report with the Auburn Police Department, Lalonde said her inbox was flooded with messages telling her that same man had come to other Auburn homes trying to scam families out of money if they were home to answer the door.

If anyone has information they're asked to call Auburn Police at (315)253-3231.

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