Onondaga Co. Sheriff shares how to protect yourself in active shooter situations

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting impacted airports all around the country, and got many thinking about their own safety.

Onondaga County's sheriff says it's important to think through those scary scenarios, before you encounter them.  

The deadly rampage in the airport, an attack, according to the FBI, was planned. To protect yourself, you need to have a plan, too.

“We have to, I believe, mentally prepare ourselves, walking into an area such as an airport and look around and take note of your surroundings. More than you have before,” said Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway.

An active shooter situation comes down to three choices for those in immediate danger: run, hide or fight.

If you can’t run without getting hurt, experts recommend finding cover, looking for something that can offer protection as well as getting you out of the suspect’s line of vision.

“Just running behind one of the conveyer belts, that area, and laying down may have been sufficient, there are some carts usually in that area, get behind one of those little units or stations,” Conway said.

Fighting is the last resort.

“You have to be aggressive as possible. You can't be any type of passive resistance,” Conway said.

Use whatever you have when confronted. In an airport, that could mean using your luggage.

Conway says when police show up, raise your hands up, always keeping your hands visible.

Sheriff Conway also says there are takeaways his officers can learn from the mass-shooting, so they'll be reviewing video and procedures.

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