Owasco nursery owner doesn't let disability hold him back

Owasco,NY (WSYR-TV) - It’s one of the bigger nurseries around the area and Robert Hoadley loves the challenge of running his huge farm and doing it in his own unique way.

Lakeview Nursery and Hoadley Wholesale Nursery on Route 38A in Owasco feature hundreds of different varieties of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, 60 acres of shade trees alone.

Robert Hoadley tells NewsChannel 9, "That's what I have what a lot of people don't have is like large caliper trees. I've got trees up to five inch calipers and probably 30 foot trees out there."

Hoadley says he's always looking forward to the next great thing for the nursery.

He tries not to look backwards, specifically to Friday, Dec. 13 2003 when the car he was riding in on Count Lline Road in Owasco hit black ice and spun out and slammed right into a tree.

"The car folded around the tree," says Hoadley.

The accident changed his life, he really only has use of his arms, but he says he doesn't dwell on it and never let's that hold him back.

Hoadley says, "I knew I would need to do something to get by, I knew the alternative would have been a miserable life if I just sat around."

He's had to make many adjustments, like with his truck. It’s adapted so he can drive without using his legs and allows him to get in and out more easily.

For nine months of the year, it's non-stop work caring for this massive operation, but he loves it.

Hoadley says he never thinks of himself as an inspiration, he just keeps trying to live each day to its fullest.

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