Please don't snowmobile in Redfield this weekend, highway supervisor asks

REDFIELD, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Redfield Highway Superintendent is asking snowmobilers to take a break this weekend – despite a powerful lake effect snowstorm settling in the area.

According to the NewsChannel 9 Storm Team, northern Oswego County is expected to see one to three feet of snow by the end of the weekend.

Highway Superintendent Paul Pratt says the department is “running out of places to put the snow.”

As the parking lots fill up with snow, snowmobilers are leaving their trucks and trailers in roadways, making it difficult for plows to keep them clear.

Pratt noted that snow banks are already over people’s heads – and the plows don’t have room to accelerate to push the snow higher.

He added that the banks are now building up horizontally.

Check the NewsChannel 9 weather page for additional information on snow in northern Oswego County.

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