Police believe they have identified woman accused of using a stolen credit card

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A simple mistake led to a huge hassle for one woman and a grand larceny investigation for Syracuse Police.

Police say a woman dropped her wallet— with her credit cards inside— outside the Blarney Stone in the city’s west side.

She went to order and discovered that she didn’t have her wallet. What she didn’t know was that another woman inside the bar would soon rack up hundreds of dollars on her stolen credit card.

The woman was caught on camera using the stolen card at the Target in Fairmount.

“Within the hour, she's wearing the same clothing. She charges up a couple hundred dollars on the victim’s credit card and we've become involved in the investigation,” says Sgt. Rick Helterline with the Syracuse Police. “And because it was a credit card that was stolen, in the eyes of the law, the theft and consequences are more severe.”

Helterline says the woman accused is facing felony charges.

Police believe they have identified the suspect. She has not been formally charged or arrested yet.


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