Simple, smart ways to spend less time on chores, more on fun this summer

(BPT) - Summer is supposed to be fun, so who has time for hassles like printing vacation photos or doing laundry? And then there's all that time you spend slathering on sunscreen. A few time-saving tips can help you get inevitable summer tasks done more quickly, so you can spend more time savoring the sunshine and warm weather.

Faster photos

Perhaps you're still using a digital camera or have stepped up to a smartphone with powerful photography capabilities. Most Americans now take digital images to preserve their vacation memories. Many of us also leave the images sitting on the device forever. You took the time to capture all the great moments and memories, so don't be shy about sharing them. Social media is a great way to share images. Email your favorites to friends or create a photo-sharing cloud.

Ensure you back up your photos so you don't lose your best summer shots. And just because they're digital doesn't mean they only have to live on a screen. Drugstores have made the process of developing photos seamless: not only can you print them there, but most chains have online options for a quick in-store pickup, too.

Lightening your laundry time load

From sweaty workout shorts to barbecue-stained T-shirts and dresses smeared with sunscreen, summer creates plenty of laundry challenges. With all that outdoor fun waiting, who wants to spend their time on laundry? You can lighten your laundry time load and savor the great scents of summer with Gain flings! Each packet is loaded with 50 percent more of the long-lasting Gain scent, plus the odor-removing power of Febreze and the cleaning punch of Oxi Boost. It's Gain's best laundry detergent. Simply toss one in the washer and go have some summer fun. Scent expert Dr. Alan Hirsch recently conducted a study that found smelling your favorite Gain scent can provide even more enjoyment than listening to your favorite song. Visit to learn more.

Better sunblocking

With all the time you'll spend outdoors this summer, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Yet anyone who's ever tried to apply sunblock to a child who's eager to get to the pool knows that the minutes spent slathering on sunscreen can feel like forever. You can increase sun protection and cut down on prep time by covering up your kids with sunglasses, hats and long sleeves to help block the sun. For times when sunscreen is a must, try convenient spray varieties that apply and dry quickly. You can even find versions that go on as a spray and turn into lotion when they contact skin, making it easier to spread the sunscreen where it's needed.

You only have a few months to enjoy all the great things summer has to offer, so be sure you get the most joy out of it! Take steps to maximize time spent on fun and minimize the hours spent on chores, and you'll be sure to have a summer that provides warm memories long into the winter months.

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