Slim Into Summer

First things first, weigh yourself. 

Molly Morgan, Registered Dietitian: "You know we step on the scale from time to time but you might not understand the weight flux your body just naturally has so start weighing yourself one to two times a week so you can start to see your progress and understand your natural fluctuations in weight."

Women's weight naturally fluctuates by about three pounds in a day. Men's weight fluctuates up to five pounds or more.

Writing down everything that you eat or drink is also important. And be honest.

Morgan: "You might start to pick up on some habits that you didn't even know were in place and it will be a really great way to x-out maybe where some extra calories are coming in throughout the day."

And come dinner time, an easy way to watch your portions is by planning your plate. Fill up and load up half your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Save about a quarter of the plate for your starch…potatoes or couscous, rice or bread. The last quarter of the plate is for meat and protein.

Morgan: "And the meat and protein is actually an area where a lot of people tend to overdo it. You only need a small piece, about 3 to 4 ounces, which is about the size of a woman's palm of the hand or you can see here - about the size of a deck of cards or so."
In between meals, start snacking on fruits and vegetables. They're low in calories. A serving of vegetables just has 25 calories. A serving of fruit -a banana, a handful of dried fruit, or a cup of fresh fruit- only has 60 calories.

Morgan: "So no matter what you're choosing you're going to be lower on calories than any snack food practically that's out there and you're going to loading up again on fiber, vitamins and minerals, and the fiber helps keep you full so make it your rule of thumb between now and bathing suit season."

And in conjunction with a healthy diet, eat three serving of dairy a day -- a cup of low-fat yogurt, a cup of skim milk, or an ounce of part-skim type cheese. Studies show eating dairy does help with weight loss.

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