Solar Eclipse 2017: Make plans to get out and see it here

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Cross your fingers for clear (or mostly clear) skies on Monday afternoon August 21st.

Why?  There will be a total eclipse of the sun.

It’s the first total eclipse on American soil since 1991.

It’s the first total eclipse on the U.S. mainland since 1979.

It’s the first total eclipse to sweep across the entire country since 1909.

What’s an eclipse?

The moon moves between the sun and earth.  The moon’s shadow temporarily blocks the sunlight, casting a shadow on the earth.

Can we see it in Central New York?

We won’t see the total eclipse.  We will see between 65% and 70% of the sun blocked out.  Not bad.

What special equipment will you need?

You’ll definitely need eclipse glasses. You’ll want to look for the glasses to have ISO 12312-2 printed somewhere on them.

Think about it, you’ll be staring at the sun.  A brief glance toward the sun will cause blindness. 

Welder’s glasses or a mask will work.

Click here for information on what to look for, for the correct protection.

What time of day are we talking?

·         Partial eclipse begins at 1:17 pm (the moon will appear

·         Maximum eclipse 2:38 pm

·         End of partial eclipse 3:53 pm

These are the basics of the event.  Any questions that aren’t answered here you can post on my Facebook page or you can e-mail me.

Lots of excitement heading toward August 21st!!


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