Spring clean correctly; learn how to properly dispose of old electronics

Published 05/02 2014 04:44PM

Updated 05/02 2014 07:15PM

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - While many Central New Yorkers have plans for spring cleaning, you should note the proper way to dispose of your electronic devices such as TVs and computer monitors.

Madison County held two special collections in late April and was able to recycle nearly 17,000 pounds of TVs and computer monitors. Many of the devices collected were very old and collecting dust, the county said.

"They don't get rid of them that soon. They just stick them in the corner, down in the basement, because frankly what do I do with it," said Madison County Recycling Coordinator Mary Bartlett.

The county is trying to prompt people to properly dispose of their electronics with four more special collections.

"With any recycling, it has to be convenient and pretty easy for people to do," Bartlett said.

The county already bans electronics from their landfill, but on Jan. 1, no one in New York State will be allowed to throw away electronics.

"Now is the time to get them out of the waste stream, get them out of your homes and recycle them so we can properly handle them because I'm afraid there will be a glut come January 1,” said Jim Zecca the Director of Madison County Solid Waste. “Could you imagine New York City kicking into the program? Right now they're recycling a fraction of what's out there."

The glass in old TV monitors contains lead and many of the electronics inside are toxic as well. The county ships the recycled electronics to the non-profit, LoJo's in Oneida, which holds them for a Rochester company, which then takes them and eventually sends them overseas .

"To Amsterdam actually where they recycle them, but we have no facilities in New York State right now that actually recycle CRT glass, so it's a problem," Zecca said.

Which is why Zecca says while there is still an available outlet to recycle them, people should.

The county has a collection event on Saturday in Cazenovia and one on Monday in Canastota.

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