Staying safe at the New York State Fair

GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - State Police play a big role in keeping the Fairgrounds a safe place for everyone, but fairgoers need to do their part too.

As soon as you pull into a parking lot, you need to immediately be in “safety” mode, troopers say.

“Just like you wouldn't leave valuables in vehicles in store parking lots, don't do it here either,” said Trooper Nicole Turck.

Once inside the gates, parents should grab a lost child tag for any young kids they have with them.

Troopers suggest taking a head-to-toe photo of the child or children you came with, and make sure those kids know to go to a trooper if they’re lost or in trouble.

Places like the Fair are easy for pickpockets to blend in with the huge crowds. 

“Keep purse close to your body. It’s hard to tell if someone is reaching into your bag or they're walking by, if your stuff is close to you, you'll tell that difference.” Turck said. 

Fairgoers need to also be aware of their surroundings, troopers say. It’s easy to get distracted with all the noise and sights around you, but State Police say keeping alert and surveilling your area is a big help.

It’s the little things that will keep you safe, troopers say, like taking your earbuds out to hear what’s around you and avoid keeping your nose buried in your phone-- especially when you’re crossing pedestrian walkways.

For more information on rules of conduct at the Fair, click here. 

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