Street Cents Standings, Spring 2014

Here are the FINAL Street Cents standings for the Spring 2014 semester. Congratulations to the Skaneateles H.S. Sawbucks.
Here are the FINAL Street Cents standings for the Spring 2014 semester.  Congratulations to the Skaneateles H.S. Sawbucks.
Skaneateles Sawbucks - Skaneateles$114,248.59
LANNISTERS - Bishop Ludden HS$112,652.92
Anthony Kiedis' Science Fiction Carnival - Belleville Henderson CS$109,814.59
Richard Sherman’s Mouth - Oneida CSD$108,397.24
Golden Investors - Liverpool $106,760.12
O is a Turtle - Oneida CSD$105,754.35
WOLVES OF WALL STREET - Bishop Ludden HS$105,683.12
Sherburne Earlville Prancing Ponies - Sherburne-Earlville CSD$105,563.52
Team Bridges - Oneida Boces$105,451.83
Skan Night Stockers - Skaneateles$105,099.79
Beat DUKE - Oneida CSD$104,834.38
Ambassadors - New Life Christian School $104,492.78
Patriarchs - New Life Christian School $103,374.37
The Wolves of Wall Street - Union Springs HS$102,979.69
Sherburne Earlville Singers - Sherburne-Earlville CSD$102,407.09
The Gogetterz - Baldwinsville$101,916.31
FLOOP - Oneida CSD$101,308.82
BEAST MODE ON/OFF - Oneida CSD$101,161.32
The Flying Penguins - North Syracuse$100,992.47
Kush Kids - Liverpool$99,876.27
Oil heads - Oneida CSD$99,396.05
The Financial Jedi’s - Chittenango HS$99,112.00
Choosing Wisely - Cicero North Syracuse$99,060.92
The Money Maker$ - Belleville Henderson$98,704.89
Chittenango Flying Funds 2014 - Chittenango HS$96,975.83
Union Springs Stock Exchange - Union Springs CSD$96,832.88
Wallstreet Brains - Cicero North Syracuse$96,341.12
Aldrich All-Stars - North Syracuse$96,254.04
WE RUN WALL STREET - Bishop Ludden HS$96,235.73
The Rock - North Syracuse$95,920.38
Disciples - New Life Christian School $95,632.25
Spockstocks - Sackets Harbor CS$95,622.80
Dead Giveaway - Oneida CSD$95,421.94
The Lamborghinis - Minetto$95,324.98
Pine Grove Mini Spartans - ESM$95,175.62
Justice League - Sackets Harbor CS$94,215.55
Kitty Cash Guys - Minetto$92,967.36
Anti-Unicorns - Minetto$92,897.73
Kazzie's Students - Chittenango HS$92,716.99
Westhill FBLA - Westhill HS$92,447.14
Sassy Cash Girls - Minetto$91,940.21
Dragon Dollars - Liverpool$91,794.85
Heritage Cash Cows - Heritage Farm$91,703.57
Lowville Money Bag$ - Lowville Academy CSD$91,147.79
Bad Comb overs - Oneida CSD$90,767.21
Team Mixed  - Liverpool$90,499.90
Big Belly Baldy - Oneida CSD$90,301.97
Skan Mambas - Skaneateles$87,098.59

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