The Lion King launches new production tour in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - In about a month, The Lion King will be coming to the Landmark Theatre where its newly configured North American tour production will be unveiled. The launch of this production will be in Syracuse. 

The production will go on for three weeks of performances, but the show is already here, taking five weeks to build the show from the ground up. 

"What we've done is we revisited it, changed some infrastructure, scaled down how it travels but really kept the intention of not changing the show,” said technical director Michael Carey. “It takes a lot of exact planning before you start moving it from city to city.” 

All of the work, including the laying of the floor with birch plywood to withstand the wear and tear show after show, all started on computers almost three years ago. 

The previous tour of 15 years needed to be rejuvenated, so the sets were all newly built in Yonkers earlier this year. They were then ready to move to Syracuse  to start building the next tour with laser precision.

"We've got switches in the deck that are pneumatically controlled that operate similar to like a train track so it knows which direction to go based on how the automation is cued those switches will change just like a train would,” said Carey. 

Carey says they've been able to eliminate eight tractor trailer loads worth of equipment.

"We've maintained the visual aspect from the audience perspective while scaling down the backstage, so yes it opens us up to new markets and allows us to get into places we may not have been able to fit,” Carey tells NewsChannel 9.

Virtually no stop after Syracuse will have The Lion King in town for as long as we have, when you factor in the production, technical and rehearsal period over two months in all. 

“It brings a lot of economic value to a city itself, local merchants, local workers,” Carey says. 

The show runs from Oct. 26 to Nov. 12. 

Click here for ticket information. 

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