Protecting your information at the checkout: The Real Deal

Published 01/15 2014 02:42PM

Updated 01/15 2014 07:56PM

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Cashiers routinely ask customers for their zip codes or their email addresses.

They say it’s for coupons or special offers, but you may want to hold onto that information.

Many companies don’t use the information you give them for their own promotions alone.

In many cases, the companies send that information to data brokers who match the name on your credit card’s magnetic strip to find your exact address.

That’s how many consumers end up with catalogs in the mail – even though they never provided their addresses to the store.

Most people may believe this is harmless, but you’re trusting the store to safeguard your information.

Most recently, retail giant Target ended up in headlines for all the wrong reasons when the credit card information for more than 70 million customers was compromised.

Experts say that when scammers have specific information about a person – such as their address or email – it’s easier for them to defraud that person.

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