Refund for lost Time Warner Cable email services: The Real Deal

Published 06/18 2014 11:39PM

Updated 06/19 2014 07:43PM

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Problems with Time Warner Cable's email servers have left some customers without reliable service for a week now and there's no timeline for fixing the problem. Some customers want to know if they’ll be reimbursed for the lost days of service.

The answer is maybe. The company confirms they will consider refunds on a one-to-one basis, depending on each customer's experience with email services.

A TWC spokesperson said problems with a database used by their email servers is affecting about 10 percent of active Road Runner email users.

"While we've taken several measures to resolve this issue, we've been unable to permanently fix the issue at this time. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible," said TWC Spokesman Scott Pryzwansky.

"They apologized to me for the disruption in service," said TWC email customer Jean Snook. "What I explained to them is that is a great idea. However, it doesn't pay the bill."

After nearly a week of waiting for her service to get fixed, Jean Snook contacted customer service for a refund.

"She says moving forward until such time the service comes up, each day it is going to be $13.09 they will refund me, but I have to call them. If you don't call them, you will not get refunded," Jean said.

Snook is grateful that she had called the company last week to document her problem early. With her complaint on the record, she was able to show the company how long she's been affected. She's been trying to alert others to document their own problems quickly.

"There is a monetary issue, but there is also an ethical issue," said Steven Snook, Jean’s husband. “Everybody that is entitled to that money should be made aware of that and it shouldn't be the media that lets them know that, it should be the corporation that does that."

Both residential customers and businesses that rely on TWC's email for transactions are affected. The Snook family has tried to go paperless with billing.

"Our emails, we rely on notification if a bill is going to be paid, if there is an authorization or confirmation if something is being delivered. So, we're functioning right now blindly," Jean said.

Snook says the emails that do come through tend to be spam, much more than they had before the server issue.

The company said she can click the Report Spam button to help the company investigate spam and attempt to block them.

Customers who need assistance can "chat" with customer service representatives online at

To document daily email problems or request information about a refund, call Time Warner Cable at (315) 634-6000.

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