Shortage of wood pellets causes concern during frigid winter: The Real Deal

Published 02/21 2014 06:28PM

Updated 02/21 2014 07:04PM

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Central New York is experiencing the coldest winter in nearly a decade and if you heat your home with wood pellets, you may be noticing a shortage.

Many stores - especially the big box retailers - are running low or running out of pellets. The shortage isn’t just limited to Central New York, but it's hitting the entire nation.

The Home Depot says the number of wood pellets they buy each year is based on how many they sell the year before.

“Had a ton of requests for it and that's why everybody is running out," said Will Wilkinson with the Home Depot in Cicero. “With the polar vortex that just came thru we didn't expect to sell as many as we did this year."

The Home Depot in Cicero has already gone through 7 truck loads of pellets - or more than 150 tons.

Retailers say stocking up early is the best option, but if you're out of pellets, Suburban Hardware in Clay, Tractor Supply in Oneida, and B&B Wood Pellets in Chittenango are in stock. Home Depot in Cicero is expecting a shipment Saturday morning.

Otherwise, you should make a habit of calling your supplier each day as they may be getting additional shipments.

Keep in mind, some suppliers are only allowing customers to buy 10 bags at a time in an effort to get the most pellets to the most people.

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