Tax season scams to watch out for: The Real Deal

Published 03/05 2014 10:53PM

Updated 03/05 2014 11:00PM

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Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Tax season is underway and as you file your returns, we have The Real Deal on some popular scams you should watch out for.

The New York State Division of Consumer Protection is warning residents about scam artists posing as tax preparers.

The scammers may make false claims on your return and even try to steal your refunds or your identity.

You should research your tax preparer thoroughly and be weary of those who claim larger refunds.

Be sure the preparer is willing to sign your return with their preparer identification number.

Always look over your return before signing it since you are legally responsible.

Another scam you should be aware of is callers posing as an IRS employee. The scammer will demand immediate payment and threaten arrest or license suspension.

In some cases, they'll even have someone else call, claiming to be from the police department or DMV.

Your caller ID may even display the number to one of these organizations as a way to further convince you the calls are legitimate.

You should always remember that the government will typically first contact you by mail for a tax issue.

They will not ask for personal information over the phone or via email and they will not ask for credit card numbers over the phone.

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