Think Like A Burglar: Taking precautions to avoid break-ins

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - What do burglars look for when they're casing your home for a break-in? 

NewsChannel 9’s Christie Casciano went to the experts to learn what makes you a target, and found out there are some things you can do.

Burglaries are picking up and instead of ramping up security, we make it easy— forgetting to lock our doors, and windows, leaving garage doors open. And then there's that knock at the door. 

“That's something that's very, very common and a lot of people, if they're home, they're not expecting anybody, they're not going to answer it. But actually, I would suggest you go to the door, don't open it, but talk to them through the door. ‘Yeah, I’m here, I’m not going to open up the door.’ Call 911 if it's something that looks suspicious,” said Sgt. Rich Flanagan, an Onondaga County Sheriff’s burglary unit supervisor.

Ignoring that knock, could be an invitation to trouble.

“They may come and kick your door in, cause they're going to assume you're not there, or the side door or front door,” Flanagan said.

NewsChannel 9 went to the Justice Center and spoke with a convicted burglar, who agrees with Flanagan. He did not wish to be named.

On keeping your home safe, the man said “flashiness is a big thing, the same routines, doing something over and over again— sets things off.”

He’s also a fan of technology and suggests investing in a wireless doorbell, one that sets your location and always sees your home.

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