Tiny homes being built in Syracuse for homeless veterans

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Construction is now underway on two of Syracuse’s tiniest homes— and they’ll be used to house people living on the streets.

Andrew Lunetta, the executive director of Tiny Homes for Good, builds 300 square foot efficiencies for homeless veterans in Syracuse. He said working at a Catholic Charities men’s shelter while in college opened his eyes to his future.

“It won't be a huge space, but it will be appropriate for a single guy who really just wants their own space that they can see and take care of,” Lunetta said.

In about a month, a duplex will be completely finished and house two homeless veterans who are ready for a new start at life.

All of the homes are being put up by volunteers.

“The goal is to continue building on vacant lots in the city and really make a dent in the homeless population here,” Lunetta said. 

By the end of the year, five tiny homes will pop up in Syracuse.

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