Tornadoes do occur in New York State: Dave Longley's blog

By Chief Meteorologist Dave Longley

Published 07/10 2014 12:40PM

Updated 07/10 2014 12:51PM

(WSYR-TV Syracuse)  Tornadoes do occur in New York State.  Since 1952, there have been 411 tornadoes, which comes out to an average of 6.7 per year.
The 4 tornadoes we saw on July 8, 2014 was not a record.  Looking back through the records, I saw at least 2 instances where 6 or more were recorded in a day.

The following sites will break down the numbers.  Both in map form, and in table form, so you can search for the information you're interested in.

The Tornado Project Online (good tabular information, by county)

The Tornado History Project

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