Total lunar eclipse coming Tuesday morning: Dave Longley's blog

By Chief Meteorologist Dave Longley

Published 04/11 2014 10:32AM

Updated 04/11 2014 05:20PM

(WSYR-TV, Syracuse) If you're up late Monday night, or early Tuesday morning, and the weather cooperates, a total lunar eclipse will occur.  Basically, the moon passes into the earth's shadow, and is darkened.  The earth is in between the sun and moon.  As the sun's light bends through our atmosphere, pretty much all that remains are the longer red wavelengths, which is why the moon will take on a reddish color.  Dust and clouds in the atmosphere could enhance the coloring.

When: (all of this occurs Monday night after midnight, or very early Tuesday morning)
  • The eclipse begins at 12:54 am (there really won't be much change in the moon's appearance)
  • The moon first enters the outer edge of the earth's shadow at 1:58 am, and then totality begins at 3:07 am.  That's when you should begin to see changes.
  • Totality lasts 78 minutes, until 4:25 am.
  • Partial eclipse ends at 5:33 am.
  • The eclipse is over at 6:38 am Tuesday.
For more information or sky charts, check out Astronomy magazine.

Now, if the weather will cooperate.  As of Friday morning, it doesn't look good, as a cold front is forecast to bring clouds and showers to CNY Monday night.

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