Track/recessed lighting

Track lighting is a versatile type of fixture, with several lights attached to a track. Each light can be slid along the track to a desired position, and adjusted to shine wherever you want. It's ideal for accenting artwork and decorative objects; it can also serve as task lighting, if mounted close enough to the work surface. You'll find track lights in both halogen and incandescent bulb versions. Kits are available at most home improvement stores. If you don't feel comfortable with the installation, an electrician can easily do it for you. Recessed lights, also called 'can lights,' consist of a bulb housed inside a can-shaped container, which is then mounted flush with the ceiling. Because they don't hang down like ordinary fixtures, recessed lights are perfect for low-ceiling areas. They're also a great ambient light source, in any room where you don't want an obtrusive fixture. Recessed lights are often grouped together in a row, for example, down a hallway, or over a countertop. To find out more about track and recessed lighting, consult a lighting designer, or ask your electrician.

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