Wegmans digital coupons now available in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - After nearly a year of testing, Wegmans has rolled out its digital coupon program in the Syracuse area.

Once you get to the register, the savings are the same as ever before, just like when you brought that pile of coupons shopping—the difference now is it’s far easier and customized to each shopper.

"Really the benefit we see is providing a convenience to our customers, recognizing we are in the age of technology and being able to get things quick and easy and convenient is really are foremost concern,” said Evelyn Carter, director of community relations at Wegmans.

Anyone with a shoppers club account can either log on to Wegmans.com or use the app. Once you sign in, go to the coupons tab and you'll see a number of coupons offered to you.

Electronically clip them one by one by clicking on the clip tab below each one you plan to use.  It will drop them into a clipped coupons bin. For broad ones like Wegmans cleaned and cut veggies, you can go in and see specifically which items you can use the coupon on.

“You have to purchase the product, but as long as you purchase the product you will get the discount,” Carter said.

It’s easy to redeem the coupons— once  you get to the register, just use your keytag or swipe your shoppers club card, or the app on your phone, or just go ahead and put in your phone number and the discounts come right off.

"Every month, a customer will get coupons based on their shopping purchases.  As long as they're using their shoppers club card when they make their purchases, now we can offer them coupons on products that we know they purchase,” Carter said,

New digital coupons will also be available periodically to complement recipes found in Wegmans Menu magazine.

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