West Genesee Superintendent says some children of immigrants are 'fearful'

Dr. Chris Brown takes to his blog to address those fears

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - On Monday night, a federal ruling may come over President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration— which could ultimately go before the Supreme Court.

The controversy continues to hit nerves in Central New York, inspiring one local superintendent to speak up, and hopefully ease the minds of those impacted by the executive order.

In the West Genesee school district, Superintendent Dr. Chris Brown is using his weekly blog to reach out to parents and students about the issue of immigration, while not taking a political side on the issue.

“When you’re superintendent, sometimes you have to stand up for things that aren’t popular,” Brown said.

In some of his latest posts, he says he was reminded how much a melting pot his district is.

"We do have some students who don't speak English, we do have some students who are refugees, and some of the feedback I got right away was they were concerned they were being sent back,” Brown said.

Since the election, Brown has heard about students crying, fearing they'd be snatched from their classroom by officers. He’s trying to calm those nervous and remind the adults in the district that it's his job to protect students.

"The community needs to know that we're more diverse than they think we are sometimes, and that we have to be sensitive of the needs of everyone,” Brown said.

Brown says he knows of 80 students in his seven buildings who come from an immigrant family or a foster family hosting Muslim children. He says each and every student should feel safe and welcome at West Genesee.

"Every student should have a voice, and not all of them do, so I get to be the person that has the voice for all the students,” Brown said.

To see Dr. Brown's blog, click here. 

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