When a tornado comes

Tornadoes can be deadly and safety precautions should be taken very seriously. Your news station will make you aware of tornado watches or warnings. A tornado watch means that weather conditions are right for a tornado to form, so when a watch has been issued you should be prepared. Stay near a news source for further developments. A tornado warning means that either an observer or weather radar has actually spotted a tornado, and you should take shelter immediately. Go to a room without any windows, like your basement. If you don't have a basement, get inside the smallest possible room, such as a closet with as many walls between you and the storm as possible. The walls to smaller rooms can withstand the tornado winds better. And stay away from windows and glass. If possible, get under a heavy object like a mattress or couch. You should stay in your secured area until authorities advise you it's safe to come out. You should have a transistor radio close at hand for weather updates in case of a power outage. If you're out in your car, abandon your vehicle and try to find shelter in a ditch or culvert. Put your head down and clasp your hands on the back of your neck to protect it.

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