Wiring - older rooms

Vintage homes have an undeniable charm. But along with that charm may come some pretty outdated wiring. What worked fine back in the 20's, 30's or whenever, can't begin to safely power all the gadgets we use today. If the wiring in your home has become frayed, or is simply not adequate for current demands, it should be replaced. Typically, the most difficult part of re-wiring an older home is getting the wire to go where you need it. Sometimes you can run wire through the attic, or under the crawl space, and come out in the proper location. If walls will be opened up during remodeling, the task becomes easier. In other cases, cutting a hole in the wall may be unavoidable. But with a good electrician, and a little creativity, you can usually find a solution. If the service to your home itself needs to be increased, that must be done through your local electric company. Your electrician can work with them, to coordinate the necessary upgrades.

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