Yes, a new meteor shower is visible tonight; will we see it?: Dave Longley's blog

Published 05/23 2014 10:44AM

Updated 05/23 2014 10:11PM

(WSYR-TV, Syracuse)  A new meteor shower is visible in our skies tonight.  Earth will be passing through the debris field left behind Comet Linear.  Due to a shift in the orbit of Linear, this will be the first time that Earth has moved through that debris field.

Astronomers are predicting the potential for 100 to 400 meteors per hour!!

The peak time to view the meteor shower is after 1 am tonight.

Look in the vicinity of Polaris, the North Star.  That's a good thing, since Polaris will be visible all night.

Fortunately, we won't have to deal with a bright moon.  The moon currently is a waning crescent and should provide minimal impact.

Now, the question will be:  will the weather cooperate?

Probably not. Cloudy skies throughout the day Friday, will linger into Friday night.  It's possible that there could be some breaks in the cloud cover overnight.  No significant clearing is expected though, so if we can see the shower, it would be a fleeting view.

If you're out late tonight, it might be worth your while to look up.  You just might catch a glimpse of a falling star.

Tonight's the night to see this.  Figures, since skies have a better chance of clearing Saturday night.

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