Battle, Howard talk new season and new faces at ACC Media Day

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSYR-TV) - Tyus Battle and Frank Howard were in North Carolina on Wednesday representing the Syracuse University basketball team for the ACC Media Day. 

The two are the most experienced players on coach Jim Boeheim's squad. They were around to answer questions about the upcoming season, and discussed showing the ropes to freshmen.

"Throughout the summer I definitely did. They were asking where to get their haircuts where classes are. Where good places to eat. So I was definitely there for them picking them up at 5:30 a.m. for workouts. I took all those times in just to bond with the guys on a personal level we have some really good guys on the team this year," Battle said.

Boeheim says, "If you're gonna have an experienced part of your team, backcourt or frontcourt obviously it's better in both but if you have backcourt experience. I think that's better but they've been good. I think the pivotal team is our four freshman came in for the whole summer. We don't ask freshman to do that we don't expect freshman to do that. We don't expect them to do that and i think it really helped them. I think they're much further along then they normally you would expect freshman to be. I think that's important for our team, but Frank and Tyus have been very good."

SU fans will get another chance to see all the new faces of the Orange when they scrimmage on Nov. 1.

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