Sometimes we forget how much good there is in the world these days.   The Random Acts of Kindness page is designed to bring you the feel good stories you may not have seen or heard of.  Whether they happened around the world or right here in Central New York, we want to bring you the stories and videos that will bring a smile to your face and remind you that even the smallest deed can change the world.

So what's a Random Act of Kindess?  It's anything done for no reason other than people trying to make others just a little happier.  It could be larger stories you've heard of such as "Batkid" where an entire city comes together to help a little boy have a magical day.  It could also be what appears to be the smallest thing, but changes someone's life forever.  Did a waitress working a double shift at a local diner receive a big tip from a patron off a small check?  Did you see a group of teens stop to help an older woman carry her groceries to her car?  Did someone in line pay for your coffee simply because they thought it would brighten your day?

NewsChannel 9 would like to brighten your day by bringing you these Random Acts of Kindess and hope they will inspire you to maybe do some acts of kindess of your own.

If you have a Random Act of Kindness you would like to share, please submit your story (and a photo if available) to greggibbons@9wsyr.com and we'll see if we can get it added to this page.