A widespread snow to "get you in the spirit"

Low pressure coming at us from the Mississippi Valley will bring a widespread light snow to our area from Saturday through Sunday morning.
(WSYR-TV, Syracuse) Man, it's cold out there!!  Arctic air is building southward, laying the foundation for our snow event this evening.  As I write this at 9:30 Friday evening, Saranac Lake is already down to -12!!  There are still some clouds and flurries around Syracuse at this time, but as the surface wind becomes north and then northeasterly tonight, our temperatures will begin to plummet.  I've got a low of 7, but I'm wondering if that's low enough.  Especially given how cold it is in the Adirondacks.  When our wind goes into the northeast, we can drain that cold air off the Adirondacks, down this way.  Regardless, it's gonna be a cold night.

So we have the cold.  Now we need moisture.  Well, that moisture will begin to arrive in the form of clouds later tonight.  The clouds will thicken Saturday morning, eliminating any hopes of sun.  Cloudy skies, approaching and falling snow, and an east wind....it's going to be a bitter day Saturday.  I've got a high in the mid teens, but that might not be until late Saturday.

Snow should arrive Saturday morning, and continue through the day.  It'll be a light snow, so we'll only add up an inch or so during the day Saturday.  It should be a fluffy snow, with temperatures so cold.  I wonder if we might be a bit too cold, and the snow ends up more grainy, rather than fluffy.  Oh well, that's for crazy weather men to worry about.

The actual area of low pressure that's bringing the snow our way, is actually well back over Oklahoma Friday evening.  This low will race eastward in fast moving jet stream winds, to be near Delaware by Saturday night.  This path will ensure that the precipitation remains all snow for us.  Saturday night the low will move northeast, and intensify as it heads toward the Gulf of Maine.  It's during this period of intensification, that the snow could be heavy for awhile Saturday night.  Again, I can't stress enough, that we'll all be able to get around, but if you can stay home Saturday night, I'd do it.  It's going to be cold and windy with snow.  Of course, we're two weeks to Christmas, so there are parties, shopping, etc.  That's why when I was talking to people in the newsroom today, I labeled this storm as more of an inconvenience, rather than a hindrance.  

Our "storm" will be winding down Sunday morning, with any lingering steady snow tapering to flurries.  New data is coming in as I write this now...but I still feel a storm total of 4-8" is a pretty good range for us when things are all said and done.

There are some indications that some heavier lake effect snow may try to kick up over Oswego County late in the day.  Not all of our computer forecast models are showing that.  It's something that I will be keeping an eye on over the weekend.

Julia's on vacation this weekend, so Jim Teske will be doing the TMN shows, and I will be in at night both Saturday and Sunday...so we'll keep you updated through the weekend.

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Have a great weekend!
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