Novelis workers will not be represented by a union following vote

Workers at one of Oswego County's largest employers won't have a union for now. An effort to organize roughly 600 workers failed...15 votes short.
Scriba (WSYR-TV) - Workers at one of Oswego County’s largest employers are divided over the idea of union representation. An effort to organize nearly 600 workers failed, 15 votes short of the majority needed to join the United Steelworkers Union.

A two-day election was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board on Thursday and Friday.

Novelis released the following statement in response to the results:

“We are pleased that our employees have chosen to maintain a direct relationship with leadership,” said Chris Smith, Plant Manager at Novelis. “With this decision behind us, we are dedicated to encouraging an atmosphere of open communication and mutual trust within our facility. Our team is focused on safe and productive operations as we grow our business through significant expansions underway.”

However, a representative from the United Steelworkers Union has accused the company of violating federal law during efforts to organize the plant. USW has filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board. The charges could revive efforts for union representation if the NLRB rules in USW's favor.
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