Ice storm leaves more than tens of thousands of customers without power

National Grid had sent crews to Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties in advance to brace for the calls. The forecast spelled trouble. Ice coated roads, trees, and power lines.

Watertown (WSYR-TV) - As of 11:00 p.m. Sunday, around 25,000 customers were without power in the North Country, about 17,000 of those customers in Jefferson County.

National Grid says they have 850 crews working around the clock trying to restore power to Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Jefferson County Emergency Management Office workers estimate they took the biggest hit with outages around 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

Emergency Services have set up half a dozen shelters throughout Jefferson County for people without power. 

The American Red Cross also opened a shelter at Watertown High School.  There is still room in that shelter

During a normally busy weekend for holiday travel, families in Jefferson County were told they should avoid any unnecessary travel.

Ice is a familiar thorn in the side of North Country residents. The Great Ice Storm of 1998 caused massive damage to trees and electrical infrastructure all over the area, leading to widespread long-term power outages. 

A public information officer says unlike the 1998 storm, this time, they were prepared. Jefferson County Emergency Services said social media has helped with keeping people informed. 

The office set up a Facebook page, attracting roughly 80,000 views by Sunday morning, as families brace for more time in the dark.

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