Our Rollercoaster January....(1-9-14)

<B>(9:15 am Thursday January 9th)</B>First it is cold then it is warm. it seems like we are on a meteorological roller coaster this January in central New York. It looks like there is more change to come.

Just a note before I get going on my latest blog. As you may have noticed, my schedule has changed. My main duty is to give you the weather during our morning news between 4:30 am and 7:00 am. In addition, I will be co-hosting our Bridge Street show later in the morning. It is an exciting change for me but it  is going to make it a little harder for me to blog about the weather. I’m trying to feel out when when I find out all the interesting trends and tidbits that I like to write about and I’ll do my best post when I can.  Thanks for understanding. Now on with the weather…..

It seems this winter has been known more for the wild swings in temperature than anything else thanks to a volatile jet stream. The most recent batch of arctic air plunged all the way down to Gulf Coast breaking record lows as it did.  Here in central New York we were far from any records temperatures but it was probably our coldest stretch of weather in about 10 years.  Still, when you compare to January 2005 what we’ve just gone through pales in comparison to what we had to deal with in 2005.

Late January 2005

January 2014

Consecutive Days Below 32 F



Days Below Zero



Days High in Single Digits or Colder



When I considered January 2005, these numbers come from the last half of the month when all the cold weather occurred that month. So at least so far this winter it may feel very cold but a lot of the perception is do to a couple relatively mild winters back to back in 2011-12 and 2012-13.

From what I can see, it looks like we are going to be on more of a roller coaster ride going into the middle of the month. First, we swing back to the warm side with a shot of 50 degree weather Saturday but then it will be back to cold weather.  There are still some question whether that change comes as early as mid week next week or waits until next weekend (January 18/19) but the models agree that the cold will return.  Here is a mean of both the European and GFS models centered on the end of next week.

So if you are tired hearing about the Polar Vortex be prepared for more as we get ready to slip back into arctic air. It is January after all.

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