AM showers & PM cooling

<B>(Saturday May 11, 2013)</B> Early showers and drizzle will dry up through the afternoon now that a cold front is moving out. We’re looking at temperatures falling through the 50s today but some late day sunshine possible.

Cooler weather is the theme as two cold fronts pass through central New York over the course of the weekend. The first will be out of the area by this afternoon, bringing any leftover early showers and drizzle with it. What we can expect is that the thermometer will steadily fall through the Saturday daytime hours- starting in the low 60s in the morning, but down into the low 50s by evening. The good news here is that with the front moving farther and farther eastward, the air should begin to dry and allow for some late day peeks of sunshine.

A second cold front moves through central New York Saturday night.  The change to this next cool air mass will be signaled by a gusty west northwest wind on Sunday.  It may be dry to start Mother’s Day but as the coldest air aloft approaches us later in the day our clouds will build and there may be a few scattered afternoon showers.

A note to people who want to get out on the boat Sunday:  it’s best that you stay on land.  Waves on the east end of Oneida Lake could approach 3 or 4 feet and waves of 10 feet or more are possible on Lake Ontario by Sunday afternoon.

As the coldest air moves in Sunday night and early Monday, it will be just cold enough for some snow to mix in over higher elevations.  During the day Monday our temperatures will be almost 20 degrees cooler than normal for mid May as it will be a struggle to get beyond 50 degrees.

Thankfully, this cold air will begin to pull out on Tuesday.  A push of warmer air heads our way by midweek.  As it does, though, we will run the risk of a new round of showers and thunderstorms.

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