Clouds dominate the work week start

<B>(Sunday Night March 224, 2013)</B> No major weather issues are in store for central New York despite the large storm system heading toward the Mid-Atlantic. We’re expecting cloud cover and cooler than average temperatures.
All eyes turn south as a potent low pressure brings snow and an icy mix to the Mid-Atlantic States for the start of the work week. Winter storm warnings are in effect for a large portion of the center of the country, extending all the way into eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where 3-5” of snow is possible. However, central New York will be spared from the brunt of this storm. The snow will fail to extend north of the Pennsylvania/New York border, meaning we will only have to deal with increasing cloud cover on Monday.
With the lack of sunshine it won’t feel quite as nice as Sunday, but high temperatures should reach towards the low 40s. A few flurries are possible for areas well south of Syracuse, although not likely. Come Tuesday, a few flurries and light snow showers are possible south of Syracuse as moist air wraps around the low that will be departing eastward off to sea. Winds become more northwesterly for Wednesday, creating a better chance for lake effect snow showers. Then high pressure tries to edge in for the end of the work week, helping to push us into a more Spring-like feel.
As of right now there are no major warm-ups in sight, but high pressure should help the thermometer somewhat. We should be in the mid to high 40s by Easter Sunday.

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