Gorgeous for the weekend!

<B>(Saturday, May 4, 2013)</B> Nearly flawless weather is in store for the entirety of the weekend with lots of sunshine and highs in the mid 70s! The sun sticks around all the way through the first couple days of the work week.

We’ve been talking about an omega block set up over the country, which will hold its place through the weekend. The block is comprised of three parts. The first is an area of low pressure over the Plains states, responsible for the chilly weather and record-breaking May snows as far south as Arkansas. Today, that low will bring potentially flooding rains to the Tennessee Valley. The second part of the block is the high pressure, comfortably settled over the East Coast. That’s what’s been bringing the gorgeous weather to central New York! The third part of the block is a low pressure system that’s well off the coast.

The omega block holds through the weekend, continuing the fantastic weather for us. There will be plenty of sunshine both days as the area of high pressure nearby is associated with some very dry air.  The May sun will warm this air and our temperatures will end up above normal both Saturday and Sunday.

The high does begin to weaken early next week, but we look to be well out of the range of any active weather makers, so it looks like we’ll have sunshine straight through the first couple days of the work week.  Since we aren’t changing air masses, we will remain warm through the middle of the week as well.

As we head towards Wednesday, the block breaks down further. Computer models suggest that the upper low to our west will start to move across the Southeast and up the coast into the Mid-Atlantic States. This is close enough to bring us clouds and at least the chance of showers to our area mid to late week.  Being this is a slow moving system, cut off from the main jet stream winds, there is still some uncertainty to this part of the forecast so stay tuned.

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