More heat in our future...

<B>(Tuesday Evening July 16, 2013)</B> More mid summer heat and humidity will be with us over the next couple of days. It looks like another day in the 90s Wednesday although there may be a couple isolated thunderstorms popping up over the region.
In the big picture, not much change in the weather for central New York heading into the middle of the week.  While the center of high pressure remains over the Ohio Valley it will slowly shift to the southwest. Even as the high moves away, the hot and humid air mass will still be with us through the end of the week.  We expect a continuation of 90 degree weather along with high humidity through Friday. The warmest day now looks to be on Friday, partly due to winds shifting into the southwest.

However, as high pressure moves away from us, that opens the door to at least a few scattered showers and thunderstorms as the air aloft over us cools a bit.  Any storms will be spotty Wednesday with most areas staying dry. There will be a slightly better chance for thunderstorm and Friday.  During this time, the jet stream winds aloft will be dropping into southern Canada. A few disturbances within this branch of the jet will come close to us, sparking the additional thunderstorms.

In spite of all of this going on at the end of the week, it still looks as though our best chance for showers and thunderstorms will come Saturday. A cold front will be tracking through the jet stream across southern Canada and will move through central New York at the start of the weekend.  Given the warm and humid air mass that will precede the front, the chances are good for showers and storms and some of the storms are likely to have gusty winds and heavy rain.

Once the cold front clears the area Saturday night, a cooler and less humid air mass will move in, providing much needed relief from the heat and humidity for the area Sunday into Monday. Temperatures will be near 80 with sunny skies and very comfortable humidity levels.
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