More lake effect snow tonight

<B>(Tuesday Evening April 2, 2013)</B> Lake effect snow is likely again southeast of Lake Ontario, close to Syracuse tonight. In the most persistent snow, 2-5” of new snow will fall tonight. The lake effect will fall apart and we will manage some sun in the afternoon but it will still be chilly by early April standards.
A persistent northwesterly flow of unseasonably cold air over the Great Lakes will mean a continuation of lake effect snow tonight into Wednesday morning.  There will be a few subtle changes in the atmosphere that will impact how much snow falls tonight and where it will fall.

The main difference is our winds will be a bit more northwesterly than last night.  That should put the heavier snow closer to downtown Syracuse and even southern Onondaga County.  We are still getting a contribution from the upper Great Lakes tonight which means an additional accumulation of snow is likely again southeast of Lake Ontario.  Even though the set-up is not quite as favorable as last night, new snow tonight could approach a half a foot in some of the most persistent snows.

The lake effect snow will still be around during the morning commute but by mid morning there will be a couple things working against the lake effect.  Drier air moving into central New York plus the impact of the strengthening April sun will cause the snow to break up and fall apart by the middle of the day. Even once the snow ends, the cold air will still be with us.  Our afternoon Temperatures Thursday will be about 15 degrees below normal.

After tomorrow, our weather will quickly improve.  High pressure builds in so we expect sunshine on Thursday with lighter winds.  That sunshine should be enough to warm us back to seasonable levels. After that, our temperatures will remain close to normal into the weekend.
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