More of the same stunning weather

<B>(Sunday Night, May 5, 2013)</B> Clear skies will make for a starry night- perfect for viewing the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, which peaks tonight. We’ll stay cloud free through Monday, making for another beautiful, sunny, and warm day!

Skies remain clear tonight and with a waning crescent moon, we should have a fantastic opportunity to catch the Eta Aquarid meteor shower. The shower peaks tonight with as many as 30-40 meteors visible after 9pm. The “shooting stars” are bits of debris from Halley’s Comet trying to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The reason we’ll have ideal viewing conditions is the high pressure system that has been with us all weekend long, and will continue to persist into the beginning of the work week. An omega block has been keeping much more active weather at bay for central New York, locking rain in the heartland of the country and bringing areas in the Tennessee Valley as much as 2.5” in the last 24 hours. That rain is forecast to lift into the Mid Atlantic states over the next couple of days.

What we’ll notice here is more sunshine and warmth for the first couple days of the work week. Both Monday and Tuesday should hit highs in the mid 70s with only light winds. Come Wednesday, as the aforementioned low pressure system begins to near, our clouds will increase. Rain showers are possible later in the day, as well as a few thunderstorms. We’re more likely to see rain activity come Thursday.

What we’ll be watching next is a deep trough that the jet stream sends down into the Midwest for the beginning of the weekend. The leading edge to cooler air will approach come Saturday, and we’re looking at another shot for rain and thunderstorms. That cooler air will push into central New York at the end of the weekend, and for the first time in two weeks we could see temperatures below what’s average for this time of year.

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