More rain tonight

<B>(Tuesday Night April 9, 2013)</B> More rain will overspread our area tonight. The rain could be accompanied by a rumble of thunder. Low temperatures tonight will be near 45, and with plenty of clouds Wednesday, temperatures might not get out of the 40s.
A frontal boundary just south of New York State means 2 things for us:  north winds and cool temperatures, along with the threat for periods of rain.  As we’ve been thinking since last week, we felt the cool air would hang on over us, and sure enough, we might not see high temperatures get much above 40 Thursday.

We’re watching an area of rain to our west, which will move over us tonight.  This moisture should do a better job at getting us wet tonight, although nothing significant will occur.  A rumble of thunder can’t be ruled out, but that thunder should be few and far between.

The widespread should move out of our area by Wednesday morning.  While we’re expecting a few hours of dry weather, any hopes of clearing look slim.  Cloudy skies and a northeast wind will keep us in the cool 40s for temperature.  For the mid to late afternoon, another area of widespread rain will begin to approach from the west.  That rain will be with us Wednesday night, and we will be in and out of showers Thursday.  For awhile Thursday, winds should get a bit gustier from the northeast, which will serve to keep temperatures only in the upper 30s to low 40s.

The area of low pressure itself, which has caused the wide ranging weather over the Rockies and Central US will arrive here Friday.  This will mean a good chance of rain to end off the work and school week.  Temperatures will turn chilly again for the start of the weekend Saturday.
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