Showers diminish overnight

<B>(Wednesday Evening May 8, 2013)</B> After this evening, showers and thunderstorms will begin to diminish across central New York. We expect nothing more than a spotty shower overnight. Although there may be a few breaks to sun in the morning, on the whole clouds will dominate our weather on Thursday. Look for a few scattered showers or thunderstorms from late morning into the afternoon.
The weather over central New York will remain unsettled over the next few days as several systems impact our weather.

The first system is a cut off area of low pressure.  We’ve talked a lot about this system over the last week and as of late afternoon Wednesday it was located near Washington DC and will track off the New England coast Friday morning.  It is not moving very quickly because it is cut-off from the main jet stream winds aloft. While the circulation from this low passes us on Thursday, we run the risk of a few more scattered showers and thunderstorms.  They are most likely during the afternoon as the atmosphere gets some help from the heating of the day.

By Friday, we turn our attention to a weak area of low pressure coming out of the Ohio Valley.  As it moves northeast closer to us, we expect showers and thunderstorms to increase in central New York during the afternoon and at night.  Low pressure will be almost right over us to start Saturday but as it pulls away to our east it looks like our showers will decrease.

Once that low departs, we will start to focus on a cold front dropping southeast through the Great Lakes.  This front will pass through by Saturday evening and will usher in a much cooler air mass for the end of the weekend and beginning of next week.  For a change, temperatures will be below normal for Sunday and Monday.  In fact, depending on how cloud cover and winds pan out, there may be a threat of frost either Monday or Tuesday evening.  If you have already planted tender vegetation you’ll want to stay tuned.

The cool air is only a two day affair.  Already, by Tuesday, our winds will be turning southerly and our temperatures will start to warm.
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