Big weather changes Tuesday: Dave Longley's blog

Big weather changes Tuesday: Dave Longley's blog

Enjoy the warmth today. Big changes are coming in our weather Tuesday. I would recommend going for the winter coat Tuesday morning before you head out the door.
(WSYR-TV Syracuse)  Get ready for some big weather changes Tuesday.  A strong cold front is scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning (between 7 and 9 am), that will bring a brief return of winter to CNY.

These changes are not unique to CNY.  I've been watching places that were in the 90s a couple of days ago, snowing this morning.  The Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and Colorado are examples of places seeing the ground whiten with snow this morning.

Here's how it'll break down for us:
  • We warm to near 80 today, with a few showers this afternoon.
  • More widespread rain arrives tonight (probably a quarter to half inch of rain).  Temperatures stay mild overnight, staying in the 50s, to perhaps even low 60s.
  • It might be mild if when you head out the door early Tuesday morning, but a cold front will arrive between 7 and 9 am.  Temperatures will plummet into the low to mid 30s by Noon, and should be near 30 late in the day Tuesday.
  • Wind chill temperatures will be in the mid and upper 20s by Tuesday afternoon.
Things might get a little crazy for awhile later Tuesday, with a rain/snow mix, or just snow coming down by mid afternoon.  It's possible an inch or two of wet snow could accumulate by Tuesday night.  The higher likelihood will be over higher elevations.

The good news is that we will be drying out FAST later Tuesday.  It's possible the sun could break out over the Finger Lakes, or western NY, by late in the day Tuesday.  This is good because the precipitation will be winding down, before the snow accumulations will get out of hand.

No snow is expected Wednesday.  We took the morning flurry out of the forecast.  It'll be sunny Wednesday, with high temperatures within a few degrees of 40.
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