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December through February is considered winter in the weather world. Here's a look at how the numbers stacked up for Syracuse in the 3 month period.
(WSYR-TV, Syracuse)  Ahhh, the last day of winter.  Well at least in the meteorological world.  In order to make things tidy for comparison, we break the seasons into 3 month chunks.

Here's how this winter shaped up in Syracuse, when looking at the December through February period (meteorological winter) since 1950, when records started being recorded at Hancock Airport.

December average temperature was 27.9°, 1.5° below normal
January average temperature was 19.9°, 3.7° below normal (our coldest January in 10 years)
February average temperature was 21°, 4.9° below normal (11th coldest February on record, coldest February in 20 years)

So, given all of that, the average temperature for this winter was 22.9°, the 10th coldest winter (December through February) in Syracuse since 1949.

December snowfall was 29", 3.7" below normal
January snowfall was 25.3", 8.7" below normal
February snowfall was 41.1", 15.8" above normal

As for snowfall, we ended up with 95.4", 3.4" above normal, which puts us 24th snowiest December through February period, out of 65 years.

I owe a big thank you to Kate Thornton for doing the legwork on the historical database in the office.
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