Nor'easter hammering Cape Cod: Dave Longley's blog

Heavy snow and hurricane force winds hitting Cape Cod today. A true blizzard about 6 hours east of CNY.
(WSYR-TV) The pieces have come together off the coast of Cape Cod to develop an intense nor'easter.  Surface pressures inside the storm will drop below 960mb, which is lower than any tropical storm that formed in the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season.

The storm will likely have a central pressure lower than the 1993 Superstorm in March 1993.

Hurricane force wind gusts of 74 mph or greater have been reported this morning on Cape Cod.

Snowfall of 6-12" is expected on Cape Cod.  Who could measure it though, with the wind as high as it is?

I saw a report of 12 foot waves just outside of Boston Harbor.  South of Nova Scotia, waves are 24 feet and building as of 11 am.  Winds are gusting to 70 mph.

Fortunately, the storm will stay far enough away from us to give us a cold and windy day.  As the storm pulls away, it will take the cold with it and we will enjoy a moderation in temperature through the rest of the week.
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