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<B>(11:30 am Wednesday April 9th)</B>Something is going to happen in Syracuse Thursday that hasn't happened since before last Thanksgiving -- 60 degree weather! You can thank a welcomed change in wind direction for that.
It has certainly been a slow start to Spring here in central New York. Up until last week I would argue we were still deep into Winter. Snow was still falling and we still struggled at times with daytime highs in the 20s late into March. That has continued a trend for all of 2014 so far. Only 31 of the first 96 days of the year in Syracuse featured high temperatures at or above normal which is only 32% of the days. That means about ⅔ of the days this year are below normal.

By this point into the Spring season we’ve usually had several tastes of 60 degree weather. The average first date of 60 degree weather is March 21st and that first 70 degree day comes by April 7th.

There are signs, however, that both of those plateaus may finally be reached over the next few days. We’ve got some of those typical Spring roller-coasters to go through to get there. There is sun today but there is still a chill in the air as our temperatures will end up about 10 degrees below normal. After that, our wind turns into the southwest for Thursday and that is important. Warmer air is having an easier time building in the middle of the country this time of year and is just waiting to make a move on central New York. For one of the few times this Spring season a southwesterly wind will develop broadly over the middle of the country and into central New York on Thursday. That’s why we think there is going to be quite a swing in our high temperature over the next 24 hours

A cold front will move through central New York Thursday night so temperatures will back off a bit Friday/Saturday but we’ll be watching for the southwest wind to return for Sunday and that do us wonders again. Not only is 60 degrees in the cards but we could also take a run at 70 degrees!

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