CENTRAL N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– The State Fair is back and some fairgoer’s may be wondering about the rides that will be available. Look no further as we have provided a full list of rides with their descriptions and ticket prices below.

Presale tickets are available until August 23 by noon and include the following:

Presale Specials by August 23 at noon:

Weekday (Mon-Fri) Wristband:  $25
Weekend (Sat-Sun) Wristband:  $25

Tickets purchased after the Fair starts:

Weekday (Mon-Fri) Wristband:  $35
Weekend (Sat-Sun) Wristband:  $45

Mega Pass Unlimited Ride All Day, Every Day Wristbands:

  • $85 per person and must be purchased by AUGUST 23, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

Individual ride tickets:

  • Individual ride tickets can be purchased at any Wade Shows ticket booth on The Midway during the 2023 New York State Fair for $6.25 for five (5) tickets

Two Dollar Tuesday – Aug. 29

  • All rides cost $2 that day

Dollar Day – Sep. 4

  • $1 to ride rides on Labor Day

Presale Specials through August 23 at noon

SAVE up to $20 – Unlimited Ride Armbands: $25

SAVE Big – Mega Pass, Unlimited Rides All Day, Every Day: 85

Ride All Day, Every Day:  $85

Alpine Bobs


Berry Go Round

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars


Charlie the Chopper

Circus Train

Cliff hanger

Construction Zone

Crazy Plane




Dragon Wagon

Elephant Parade


Giant Wheel

Grand Carousel




Hydro Shock

Jalopy Junction

Jumping Star


Lolly Swings

Manhattan Helicopters

Observation Tower


Orient Express

Patriot Wheel

Pharaohs Fury


Puppy Role

Rio Grande Train

Silver Streak


Sky Hawk Vertigo

Starship 4000

Story Book Fun house

Street Fighter 360

Super Cyclone Coaster

Super Himalaya

Super Slide

Taxi Cab

Tea Cups


Umbrella Boats

Umbrella Cars

Umbrella Cycles

Up Up & Away

Wacky Worm Coaster

Wave Swinger


Zombie Hotel

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