Friday, April 22 is Earth Day, and it’s a good time to remember the future of our planet depends on what we do today.

“If we could all, you know, control our consumption, make better choices when purchasing items, maybe we can use reusable grocery bags, you know, using less of our earth’s natural resources is always a good thing” says Will Wallak, Public Information Officer at OCRRA. “Let’s try to conserve what we already have.”

Wallak shares these five ways to help make everyday Earth Day:

  • Reduce – think about consumption, packaging, food waste, and buying in bulk.
  • Reuse – it’s easy to reuse containers/jars for crafts, to donate old clothing or other items, and to buy refurbished or used items instead of new.
  • Recycle – know what to recycle and how, don’t bag your recyclables, and don’t “wish-cycle”
  • Don’t Litter – clean up your yard, in front of your house and in your neighborhood.
  • Spring cleaning – declutter your home, and sell or donate unused items. Also be sure to properly dispose of household toxics.

Watch the video to see Wallak share more information about all of these.

Click here to visit OCRRA’s website.