A Secure Way To Video Conference With Northland Communication’s “Accession Platform”

Bridge Street

Video conferencing software like Zoom has become essential for businesses to connect with employees. Northland Communications Accession Platform now offers a free and secure way to conference, with more benefits.

With more layers of security, new technology and better practices, Jim McCarthy, president of Northland Communication says Accession allows you to better moderate conferences. “There’s visibility as to who is dialing in and who isn’t,” he adds.

Accession also offers “soft-phone client” which turns your desktop or laptop into your office phone. It features a dial phone functionality that allows users to initiate phone calls, video calls, chat messaging and even share desktop screens. “It’s seamless, and it’s really enabled us to do so much,” McCarthy says.

For more information call (315) 624-2216, or visit Northland.net/Teleworking

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