What if we told you there’s a snack bar that will satisfy your sweet tooth and it’s good for you too.

Nutritionist Kelly Springer says that Rowdy bars are not only packed with fiber but they have no artificial flavors and taste delicious too. Rowdy bars have many different flavors, are packed with protein and one bar holds 11 grams of fiber.

Kelly says that many of her patients struggle to find the right way to get more fiber and this is a great way to get it.

“Fiber is critical because it stabilizes blood sugar levels and also everything happens in that gut bacteria,” she says. “It’s responsible for your immunity and for developing your serotonin,” she adds.

Rowdy bars can be eaten as a snack, on the go in the morning or as a supplement during the day. Find them online at RowdyBars.com.

To learn more about how Kelly can help you meet your health goals, find her online at KellysChoice.org.