ABC News Correspondent Trevor Ault’s CNY Connection

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A familiar face from ABC News has a connection to Central New York.

Correspondent Trevor Ault, who travels the United States covering all the big news stories, got his Master’s Degree at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.

When he started at SU, Ault wanted to be a sports reporter, but says his SU professors gave him a dose of reality.

“They all said, ‘the vast majority of you people who want to be sports reporters are going to go and be news reporters'” recalls Ault. “I was like, ‘okay, yeah, right’ and then six months later I was doing news and I never looked back.”

One of Ault’s professors at SU was NewsChannel 9 Sports Director Steve Infanti.

Ault adds, “I kind of had a general idea of how to be on camera, but I had no idea how to be a journalist and Syracuse is very good about being meticulous and crossing all your T’s and dotting all your I’s and going through that journalistic process and strong writing and fair coverage and it’s something I always reflect on.”

Before joining ABC News, Ault worked at KOIN-TV in Portland, Oregon and WTOL-TV in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

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