Dedicated to focusing global attention on blindness and vision impairment, October 10th is World Sight Day. Pearle Vision and One Sight, a nonprofit bringing eye exams and glasses to people around the world who lack access to vision care, are launching a new program, ABSee, to bring comprehensive eye exams and provide free glasses to children who need it. “If we can identify and diagnose an unchecked vision acuity issue, get that child seeing in focus, with 80% of learning coming through the eyes what we’ve really done is unlocked their future for them as early as possible,” said  Pearle Vision’s chief marketing officer, Doug Zarkin. “Most parents don’t really think of comprehensive eye care as part of their yearly, annual health and wellness regiment for their kids but one out of every four has an undiagnosed vision issue.”

Many school districts in many states require vision screenings however Zarkin said while the screenings are a great first check it may not pick up problems like color blindness or lazy eye which may misconstrue these issues as learning disabilities. The ABSee program will bring a Vision Van to neighborhoods and schools around the nation, providing comprehensive eye exams. “This is actually bringing it to them so there is no excuse for a child not to have clear sight and for us, we’re really opening up their world with tremendous possibilities,” said Zarkin. “Through our vision van and the volunteer aspect of our associates we’re going to be traveling across North America to essentially unlock those possibilities, providing comprehensive eye care and corrective eyewear to children in need in each and every neighborhood where we own and operate a Pearle Vision Eye Care Center.”

The Vision Van is a massive 18-wheeler. The front half features a full-comprehensive eye care suite. “It allows us to do all of the comprehensive diagnostic work that you would find in your neighborhood optometrist,” said Zarkin. The back half of the Vision Van is where eyeglasses will be made on-site! “A child that comes in in the morning and gets a comprehensive eye exam and is actually identified as having a vision acuity issue, we can make them their perfect pair and in most cases by the time they leave at the end of the school day they have that perfect pair of glasses. They are seeing 20/20 and the world for them is now in focus,” said Zarkin.

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